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It is Well With My Soul

Finding God's Peace in the Transgender Storm

The transgender journey for loved ones and family members is often heart-wrenching and painful. This book will point you toward a Christ-centered, hopeful perspective. A study guide is provided for self-examination, which may be helpful while walking through any difficult and painful journey.


My Daddy's Secret

My Daddy's Secret is the sensitive, heartbreaking, true story of the effects of a father's secret sexual addictions on his family-particularly on his oldest daughter, with whom he made his confidante when she was just nine years old. The author hopes this book will provide new insights into the suffering that such addictions inflict upon families and proof of God's amazing grace in healing that pain.


Understanding Gender Confusion

Sometimes people think if they pray or wish hard enough, their transgender tendencies will just disappear. This is an unrealistic expectation. It is not reasonable to expect an overnight change in the area of gender or sexual confusion because the problem takes years to develop. Most often the restoration process is lengthy, as healing requires very hard work and a long-term commitment. But change is possible and the effort is worth it!

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When Hope Seems Lost

There is a great deal of mystery and confusion about how to deal with transsexuality in the Christian community. This book provides a resource to families that have faced or are facing this issue by offering hope, support and the affirmation that they are not alone.


A Wife’s Perspective

This is a resource for wives who are dealing with their husbands’ sexual compulsions. One wife shares, "When I was able to relinquish my control to God, I came to know, at a deeper level, the One who could restore my trust. If we look to our husbands, we are looking in the wrong direction and at the wrong source". A Wife’s Perspective reminds women that God is faithful and will never abandon His people during this very difficult journey.

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When Daddy Leaves to be a GIRL

One day Denise’s daddy told her a secret. Not the kind of secret that made her happy. No, it made her very sad. He didn’t want to be a boy anymore. He wanted to be a girl so he could wear dresses and makeup like Mom did. Denise felt hurt and confused, like she had lost her daddy. Her heart was broken. She tried to forget his secret. She tried to ignore it. But she could not. It seemed to grow bigger and bigger—too big to hide. What could she do? When Daddy Leaves to Be a Girl can help children handle the emotional turmoil of learning that their parent wants to transition to another sex. In age-appropriate language, Denise Shick explores the fears, confusion, and anger a child may experience during these difficult circumstances. She offers children assurance that God sees their pain and loves them. She also gives practical ways to guide children toward emotional and spiritual wholeness.

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Transgender Confusion: A Biblical Based Q & A For Families

Having a loved one who identifies as the opposite gender from what he or she was born with is very challenging for families. They face situations that will stretch everyone’s emotional and spiritual strength. This book demonstrates how the Bible brings clarity to the issues of identity and sexuality.


Dangerous Affirmations: I Wonder If My Daddy Wanted a Girl?

Dangerous Affirmations is a personal story of a young boy who shares his struggle of living in his male gender. As a child, his grandmother dressed him in a dress, while his father affirmed him looking “pretty”. This book addresses gender confusion from a Christian standpoint.


A Mother’s Devotional

This devotional book is written from a mom’s experience of walking the journey of her son transitioning to become a transwoman. She writes from a Christian-based perspective.