Support And Encouragement

We understand the concerns and issues that families face with transgenderism and offer a compassionate, Christ-centered support outlet for those seeking fellowship with others who are walking through similar experiences. Family support groups meet through email, Skype, phone, and/or in-person.

We hold confidentiality in the highest regard to provide a safe environment for all. If interested in Family Support Group information please email Denise Shick at  or call (814) 598-4952.

What We Offer:  

·       Dads’ Connection – fathers connecting with fathers who understand the journey

·       Card Ministry – encouragement and support through written correspondence

·       One-on-One Support – connecting via phone, e-mail & Skype

·       Moms’ Monthly Call –mothers connecting with mothers who understand the journey

·       Support & Assistance – providing information & training to churches/ministry leaders

·       Prayer Intercessors – praying for specific personal and family needs, per request

·       Online Groups – Wives’ Group, Moms’ Life Line, Beyond Gender Dysphoria

Groups and Locations: 

·       “Be Still and Know I Am God” Psalms 46:10-Ashland, KY

·       Change Is Possible-Louisville, KY

·       Leaning on Him-Asheville, NC

·       High Places-Temecula, CA

·       Mother’s Heart-Springfield, IL

·       Help 4 Families support group-Greenville, SC  

·       Help 4 Families support group-Malaga, Spain

·       Caring Together-Family members support group

·      Family Support Group in Rochester, MN 

Hope Group Online: